There’s a part of me that is always reaching out to make connections with people.  I come up with a scheme, either money making or just for fun, and I immediately imagine my family, my friends, and now my old 6th grade teacher in that spot.

Just to give you two examples.

The first involves my brothers and the idea of starting an educational technology business.  I’m a former teacher turned ed consultant.  My older brother is an accountant for a local Credit Union.  And, my little brother is an artist turned computer programmer.  So naturally, my ed tech firm would be the perfect business to pull us all in.  Mike does the books, I develop the programs we need and work with schools.  Thomas makes the programs.  Its perfect, don’t ya see.

The second has to do with a recent lunch I had with my former 6th grade teacher and mentor, Mr. Powers.  As we are telling each other the stories of when we both dropped out of college, me in the 90s and him . . . before that, I imagine this blog that we could write that is similar to the Julie/Julia Movie.  We would each tell the story of how we went from college dropouts to teachers.  It would end with us telling the story of our first years as teachers.

There’s something about being the middle child that wants everyone to play with you.

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