Captain Obvious and the ABCs

Just to make sure, when I say the ABCs I am talking about Attendance, Behavior, and Course Performance.  Something I’ve talked about many times, and is in many ways the purpose of this website (aside from providing me a place to feel smart and important).

The above is like the video below.

I have given many presentations on the ABCs, and the most common reaction is, “Duh.”  I normally give these presentations to teachers, administrators, counselors, and other educators.  Of course showing up, acting appropriately, and doing their work will predict students are successful and who drop out.

The purpose of the ABCs is to provide an early warning indicator (EWI).  To give you a chance to DO SOMETHING about it.  When the engine thermometer in your car goes into the red, you don’t think, “Of course an over heated engine is bad, why are you telling me this?”  The purpose of the gauge is to warn you that something worse is about to happen.

The same with the EWIs.

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