About Mr. Nerd

Howdy All,

I used to be a teacher.  I used to start every school year with a simple assignment  for my kids to get to know me, for me to get to know them, or for them to get to know each other.

Give me three words that describe who you are.

Its a simple assignment.  Most kids write things like smart, beautiful, football, model, funny, and nice.  Its about what they think I want to hear, what they think they should be, and what they think they can get away with (leads to answers like pimp and player).

My three words are quite simple: Husband, Teacher, and Nerd.  As I sad at the beginning.  I am not a teacher any more . . . but I am and educator.

These days I am working for Johns Hopkins University and the School of Education (SOE).  Within the SOE is an organization called Talent Development Secondary.  Its a school reform and turnaround organization.  My job is simply to work with schools that want to lower their dropout rate.  If they want to keep kids in school then TDS sends me, or people like me, to help them out.